Providing a visual diary of my personal journey, inspirations, and influences is the mission behind my art. My art is meant to tell a story through my walks in life. 

I am originally from Dayton, OH, and i have been living all over the world as a mural artist.  From Ohio, California, Georgia, Mexico, and now Florida.  We will see where i end up next.  The world is too big for me to stay in one place.  My other passion  aside from painting, is seeing as much of the world as i can in this lifetime.    You can find my murals in Mexico, Italy, France, Indonesia, and the US.    

As a muralist, it is my duty to help provide communities with powerful artwork and give everyone an opportunity to access art.  Sacred lands, animals, and cultural communities are the main underlying theme in my work.  My goal is to paint for positive impact and help bring communities together.  There is no greater joy for me than to provide artwork for the masses. 

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